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Microsoft rolls out new Bing Video search feature for users

When Microsoft ‘s Bing experts made some modifications and completed all the tests in their Bing Video search model, this established segment remained still in means of upgrades and changes since last year. But, recently the Bing group declared that they rolled out a fresh video search feature that ...

Microsoft to acquire Nokia’s phone company for $7.2 bn

The long-time struggling Finnish mobile company Nokia has recently revealed to give away its phone unit to the software giant Microsoft for a mammoth $7.2billion. The Finnish company will allow Microsoft to avail its 10 year inclusive licence to its patents and will aim on connectivity spheres and offerings, ...

Users get ability to build Shared Albums on Facebook now

Now users active on Facebook can avail more facilities for shared stuff. You and your family members can share any occasion celebrated together. Also, you and your friends can share the fun moments cherished jointly. The present era is highly modern and digitized so majorly all click and capture from ...
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Amazon’s setback hit Instagram, Vine and Netflix

As the retail giant Amazon experienced several software issues the impact was also experienced by various high-end web services. Those using Airbnb, Vine, Netflix, Instagram and some other services experienced hurdles in the services for many hours on Sunday. This happened as all these services are based ...

Facebook says Good Bye to the real gifts as now onwards cards step in

If your plans are to give some funky gifts on your friend’s birthday or cousin’s anniversary from Facebook’s platform then it’s come to an end. Now Facebook brings in digitally redeemable cards and presents. Basically all the hurdles of maintaining stock, deals and offers and emerging products ...
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