Worth products of CES 2013

CES show in Las Vegas is the present major attraction that reveals futuristic innovations by leading electronics’ makers of the world. The visionary giants have majorly brought in future TVs with untapped changes that can even connect your cutlery to the web, allow you to visualize through transparent screen and do much more which was not done till now. Gadgets of the future are presented here with evolutionary features, where some stand distinct, some were usual and some were total cracked. Basically every device maker wished to take things to web & internet including TVs, fridges & cameras.

The worth products that were analysed as major attraction & innovative products in CES 2013 are:

  • Xperia Z, the smartphone from Sony was the real worth with new water resistant feature. The phone can be fine and can be used for half an hour up to certain limit in water. Also it further gives outstanding coverage from dust, extends 13mp screen and is extraordinary than earlier products.
  • Samsung F8000 TV, a TV that will revamp the navigational abilities along with voice or gesture control, five screens with personalized systems including apps, social media capabilities and image galleries.
  • Panasonic 56” Oled TV, this product has time to come in market and the earliest expectation to be kept here is 2015. This TV has organic light emitting diode that offers first-edge picture quality and great energy savings too.
  • Samsung Youm, the foldable & bendy phone is a debut and unseen product till now. The screen of this phone can be wrapped and has Windows 8 in it.
  • Spare One Phone, a lifesaving innovative product that gives 10 hours of talk time and 15 years of power.
  • Plastic Logic Paper Tab, the next prototype like a Kindle type tablet but with a thin, flexible 10.7” inch screen and an Intel processor power.

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