Windows Phone gets an update with 7.8 SDK

The next edition to ramp up the Windows Phone devices was expected. This next version is called Windows Phone 7.8, which was in talks at the start of this week. In reports it was stated that users will be allowed to access the new update of Windows 7.8 by the month end. But, a post put up by Windows Phone Columbia through Facebook social site that the release will be coming in the phase Quarter one of 2013. Still it is not clear when majority of Windows Phone devices’ users will get the update so as to experience new capabilities on their phones but it has been stated when the developers would be able to reach the tools they require for their tasks. Official release of SDK for Windows 7.8 edition is already out by Microsoft. Company has made it open to reach the new software which is an upgrade to the preceding Windows Phone SDK and this was ready for downloading as on January 22.


It is also rumoured that some devices are already charged up with this new version & are in shipments. A news agency suggested that it got to know that those who own a device having Tango can avail the update before the users who own devices having Mango. The fresh SDK owns a pair of Windows Phone emulators, which are known to boost 256 MB and 512 MB devices. But, the new edition brings no new app programming interfaces but Microsoft has cloud-formation for present Windows Phone 7.x apps so as to direct them to run better on Windows Phone 8 with its evolutionary new base.

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