Ways for Microsoft’s Windows 8 survival

Even after Microsoft’s major efforts to eliminate the gap between PC OS and modern tablet OS with new Windows 8, it did not turn out as customer’s favourite. The company spent a fortune and upgraded the technology to harness people’s needs with PC/tablet OS. Unfortunately the market for this new OS is still down and to make it survive Microsoft needs to do lots more. It is not that the OS is a total failure instead it has plentiful of features, advanced UI and a unique blend of PC & tablet OS. What has happened is consumers are adaptable to earlier formats and concepts so this new blend is concluded as difficult to use and confusing. It may take time for people to get used to it and regarding sales figures the company is silent now.

windows 8 - © pcworld.com

Reports suggest that systems sales have dropped by 21% after the debut of OS and this stands negative for Microsoft. Below are some sorted steps given that could help Windows 8 to survive and optimize its sales than present situation.

  • Prices should be lowered
  • Market shelves should have Surface Pro now
  • Number of Apps should be increased
  • User experienced should be unified
  • Should restore users’ most familiar features like Start button & Task Bar

If nothing works out from above four Microsoft should definitely give a thought to the last option as world-wide users are highly used to its most useful features – Start button & Task Bar. If these are brought back along with Windows 8’s new security and manageability capabilities then the chances of retaining the OS in market will be high.

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