Verizon halts Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for some while

Samsung’s smartphones have earned a huge impressive user base across the globe and so is the case in US too. Galaxy Note 2 has launched there and fans ordered fantastic quantity in the pre-order times with leading carriers Verizon Wireless and AT&T. It was in last month where the situations suggest that Verizon was back in Galaxy Note 2’s launch by three weeks than AT&T. Thus this was the gap that Verizon Wireless pushed Galaxy Note 2 on side and offered users with the shipment delay. It stated that the Verizon’s handset would start its shipping by November 27 (a week from now) and this situation created great disappointment amongst Verizon users as other carriers were full of stock from number of weeks.

Situations state that Verizon is not spotless in having clear direction and dedicated focus towards Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It is releasing back of other carriers in near future and the official website shows the same. This period is jam-packed with lots of smartphones and tablets entering the world technology market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - ©

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Presently HTC Droid DNA, iPhone 5, Nokia Lumia Windows Phone range, Motorola DROID RAZR HD, HTC Rezound etc are been increasingly promoted with high aims of leading carriers. Expectations of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 price tags by Verizon may come under $300 for a 2 year agreement whereas HTC DROID DNA is just below $200. From 27th of this month the shipments will start with force and the network will beings its own branded logo on the button.

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