Users get ability to build Shared Albums on Facebook now

Now users active on Facebook can avail more facilities for shared stuff. You and your family members can share any occasion celebrated together. Also, you and your friends can share the fun moments cherished jointly. The present era is highly modern and digitized so majorly all click and capture from their smart gadgets. The easiest way to share on social platform is to upload them on Facebook and tag all. But, now the facility rolled out is shared album i.e. one album between various profiles and elimination of multiple albums on every profile prevalent earlier.


The social giant has done this for just its newest albums portion. Bringing out the new upgraded facility, Facebook makes it simple and smart for its users who like to unite or collaborate pictures from various places.

Till now, Facebook users were able to upload their pictures from their own space only but these blocks are removed now thoroughly.

  • Nikhil @

    This is what we were looking for. With this facility there will be no duplicate photos where in your friends keep tagging. It is good. Enjoy!

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