Twitter updates tweeting ability with email facility

Facebook, the social connector has millions of users but in many perspectives of social platform with public communication Twitter wins with leaps & bounds. A recent new update from Twitter is to extend the boundaries boundlessly and here it plans to enable its users to email the tweets from website as per their wish. Additionally iPhone and Android Twitter apps have also been uplifted and optimized in its search tab facility. Emailing was allowed on many Twitter apps where tweet can be mailed to the person who is not connected to the service but the new doors are now open straight away into the main website where users will find the emailing option as a standard one.

Twitter users will find this updated feature in “More” symbol which is placed next to “Favorite”. Here the user will immediately get a window opened with email facility. If an email is done from mobile handset then the sender’s address is obviously your device’s default email address.

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In this new update the emails of tweets will be sent from Twitter. It is unrevealed that user’s own email shall appear as an option to display as the “Sender” here. But email facility is open for all and tweets can be sent to anyone. Also user’s own comment can be added with tweet email and both together would be sent by Twitter to the desired person. Presently Twitter takes pride of having approx. 500 million users which is quite high but behind Facebook that has one billion users. The new update is expected to bring in great amount of rise in its user base.

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