Tweets’ download becomes possible now

Twitter was trying on to get in its new “archival” feature that would enable user to easily reach his/her all tweets existing on web. Twitter’s acquisition finally completed in decided time frame. A report by The Next Web says that Twitter appears slowly with its move – or revealing for a subcategory for all its users – a process that allows downloading every tweet that ever exists on Twitter. Some Twitter users can positively benefit from this great feature. Now that Twitter has offered such tool to access through archival feature then here’s way to get it.

Log into your Twitter account and click the link “Settings” that’s found under the gear symbol on the home page of Twitter. Scroll till you reach the bottom of “Account” display and if gotten, you will see a giant “Request your archive” button under a new “Your Twitter Archive” category. You are simply done with the new archival feature.

Twitter tweets - ©

This new tool functions majorly like Facebook’s, wherein you initially have to submit a request to Twitter for the entire archive. The site processes all your tweets and emails you a link that can download all your tweets. By downloading it you will get a useful little HTML file showing all your tweets, that you’ve ever formed, structured in an easily useful calendar format.

If you stretch this HTML file into the browser, it will be similar like normal Twitter interface through which you can easily go around through tweets by month or can even search the whole archive for any particular message. Also the archive comes with a little graph displaying your active interest & time spent on Twitter each month. In CSV and JSON files Twitter acquires the metadata connected to any tweets you’ve sent. At the end of this year may be Twitter will enable all its users to get its archive.

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