Sharp’s iPad screen production drops as iPad mini demands more

As per latest report by Reuters – Sharp Corp has lowered iPad screen production. This is due to the buying giant Apple has been managing demand issues & moving the manufacturing processes at Sharp.

Further the report utters that two sources have been claiming Sharp has is very near to stop production of big 9.7 screen that is in iPad. As per the similar sources, Apple is moving the production to mini iPad. The Sharp’s manufacturing facility at Kameyama is presently going on through lower level of operations like only to keep the production on this month. Gradually this condition stepped in at the last phase of 2012 when Apple started to manage its screen stock.

When asked, Sharp gave no positive reply & uttered, “We don’t disclose production levels.” Sources citing about this report don’t state the exact drop reason which came in due to seasonal demand gaps during the holiday season or due to buyers opting for cheaper iPad mini. A research company Macquarie Research visualizes that iPad’s sales will fall in this quarter by 40% compared to the last quarter of 2012. This was expected as the festive shopping time faced dropped demand. But, overall Apple’s tablets shipments accounts to minor fall as the smaller iPad’s sales go loud. Apple also buys iPad screens from LG Display Co. and Samsung Display. For other facilities there have been no major drop noticed in the production.

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