Samsung’s troika entertains fans: ChatON 2.0, Sneak Peeks of Smart TV & Smart Hub

Samsung continues to entertain its fans during the Christmas break with many declarations and teasers like a CES 2013 Smart TV teaser video, a sneak peek at its Smart Hub, a content platform for Samsung Smart TV and a fresh edition of ChatON that puts its cross-platform messaging app into a social network. The unleashed things brought in great attraction and at first ChatON harnessed SMS’ elderly pattern to get away. So now with ChatON 2.0, Samsung gets new space for service that will be accessible in over 200 countries in 60 languages, as a “micro” social networking hub where users can make personal profiles and post statuses, updates, videos etc. Also the new edition will enable connected people to make comments. ChatON 2.0 brings a multiscreen capability that makes it possible to chat up with maximum of five connected devices utilizing a single account. Users are allowed to invite friends to ChatON communications from other platforms too including that from Facebook, Weibo and Twitter.

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Samsung’s new Smart Hub’s modernized home display enables users to simultaneously enjoy live videos and movies along with using apps and viewing at personal images. The Korean smartphone maker also has marked that in 2013, Smart Hub will provide a “more intuitive experience with various contents, live TV broadcasts, VOD, apps, Internet and so on. The “Flipping” system will allow users to swipe through five screens like an eBook with Samsung’s motion control mechanism. Where does the company wish consumers to enjoy Smart Hub and ChatON 2.0? It’s assumed on Smart TV, which cannot be launched till CES. Till that time fans will experience a sneak preview that Samsung posted in its blog.

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