Rivals’ slates surpasses iPad Mini’s display

Apple’s new iPad mini’ display got annoying results as specified by a display tech firm. The review leaves an aggressive effect and is measured with in-depth tests carried on by DisplayMate Technologies recently. An expert of this company stated that Mini lacked with best features & capabilities that would make it a leader but lacks behind in being the best display from Apple.

He adds that efforts put were not the best ones in setting up a brilliant display in front of its rivals Amazon and Google. The later companies rivals Apple’s iPad mini with Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7 that cede mini’s display and outplays with far better performance.

As analysed by Soneira, the display tester iPad mini does not meet its own high standards to the whole that is set by outstanding Retina displays in the last two generation of bigger iPads and MacBooks. Nexus 7 by Google and Kindle Fire HD by Amazon features 216 ppi pixel densities while iPad mini is far behind with just 163 ppi and a resolution of 1024×768.

iPad mini - © gottabemobile.com

This is marked as a major competitive disadvantage by such a great innovator, adds Soneira. More, the lab tests by this expert suggest that screen reflectance is unexpectedly high by 9% in iPad mini whereas in Nexus 7 it is 5.9% and Kindle Fire HD has 6.4%. So on reflection fronts iPad mini generates more than 50% of ambient light than Nexus and 41% more than Kindle Fire HD. Also the color gamut is better in Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7 with 86% and iPad mini with just 62% whereas Apple’s other latest products like iPhone 5 & iPad 3 features 100%.

The mini iPad by Apple is not fully dismissed by DisplayMate but instead of “very good” the display facets get only “good”.

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