RIM debuts two devices powered with BlackBerry 10

Research in Motion released its new named and line of smartphones today in an event in New York. The CEO Thorsten Heins revealed the sync names but this new name is connected to company’s expectations of getting back its glory & keeping intact its core capability of being corporate or executive friendly, the change therefore involves risk up to some extent. On Wall Street, after the debut company faced disappointments as shares of RIM dropped by almost 10% & reached $14.16.

The event, which was awaited from long by many, showcased two smartphones – one is fully touch-enabled model and another with its original status of QWERT keyboard. Both of these are powered by BlackBerry 10 operating system and are targeted to compete with Apple’s iPhone and Android-based Samsung’s Galaxy series. The name changes & gets in freshly as the chief marketing officer of BlackBerry reveals that RIM had been more in a dilemma than inspired. “We thought this was time to symbolize a real change with a name change,” Mr. Boulben said. “We wanted to have one brand, one premise, to focus all of our marketing efforts.”
For new handsets, BlackBerry will display an advertisement where Super Bowl will promote Z10, the touch-based, and the Q10, the QWERTY one along with a small touch screen.

But the CEO was clear & concentrated on the major moves. “Today represents a new day in the history of BlackBerry,” he marked. “These BlackBerry 10 devices are absolutely the best typing experiences in the industry.”

Analysts, tech market reviewers and developers’ zone favoured Z10 by marking it as RIM’s debut competitive touch-screen phone.

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