Recent search system will test Zuckerberg’s adjustment act

Where social networking businesses bet on free things that users extend without charges then annoyed users would definitely sometimes land up to disregard. Examples like Myspace and Friendster.

Therefore, the leading social networking site’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg needs to balance the requirement of earnings gotten in tasks against Facebook’s user experience each time it releases a noticeable new tool or feature. It seems that this might only result into a basic warm-up sort of act than what Mark has generated complex challenges for entire people of Facebook as now it is also involved in search services. This doesn’t mean that straight target is Google, a giant that has more than 12 year of successful footprints on grounds of search technology and an income statement whose earnings dwarf those of the social leader.

Mark Zuckerberg

If this new search tool by Zuckerberg proves successful can surely turnaround Facebook’s user experience ever than anywhere else. This has a reason as the tool is one of the Internet’s out-of-the-box apps, close to mailing, ecommerce, free voice calling and digital entertainment. If this new move offers helpful & useful hand to users then it would cross all boundaries in usage. But if one factor comes in as once if users’ personal profiles and images start coming out in search results of people they don’t know can result into a sure thing for all users who allow their content to get exposed to “friends of friends” or the giant public space – this will blast into an inconvenient truth for Facebook.

Soon the users will get knowledge that the social network is not only theirs but also for firms, businesses and popular people too. If the new tool is successful then it will help Zuckerberg’s social firm to get pretty well revenues & valuation.

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