Numerous users left Facebook for weeks, new Pew study brings in

A new report acquired recently that excess drama, disgust and blasts of irrelevant data are few reasons that made numerous users to take break from this very well renowned social networking site. Study performed by Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project searched that almost 61% of Facebook users had been away from minimum of several weeks for range of reasons, if they were tired from all the chit-chat, or for the over divine, the coming of Lent. Still the usage of Facebook, if constant or not, is common in U.S.


Amongst all U.S residents addictive for the Internet, 67% are teamed up on the social giant, Pew got. That compared with 20% on LinkedIn and 16% on Twitter. But users are on & off, including few on temporary basis, some for likeliness or some for its useful nature. Approx 7% of the internet users revealed that they were using Facebook at a time but now no longer do the same. On its own figures, the social giant has 1.06 billion users across the globe who log in for a minimum of one time a month. This involves millions of alike and fake user accounts. Over 150 million users’ accounts to those residing in U.S. Almost 20% cited that they were extremely engaged in their own lives to follow the constant stream of status updates.

On security and privacy fronts, which has been in high discussion segments were down in the list. Thus, 4% of users commented & marked these reasons, jointly with concerns about ads and spam, due to their “Facebook vacation” desire.

Below are some interesting facts found from the study:

  • 59% revealed that it is equally important to them as it was a year before
  • 12% marked that it is highly important for them than what it was a year before while 28% said that the importance has lowered
  • 8% cited that they are in a mood to take break from Facebook as they realized spending too much time
  • 69% said that they will be spending similar amount of time on Facebook in coming year.

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