Nook platform is very near to bring in-app procuring

Nook Media, a secondary of Barnes & Noble reveals that it will soon bring a new feature of in-app buying to the platform. In-app purchases would be ultimately get included in the Barnes & Noble Nook slate.

Nook Media, the new emerged secondary of B&N just declared the news citing that it moved ahead in partnership with mobile payment giver Fortumo to get it in-app payments systems to its Nook tablets’ range. Fortumo will offer the tools to builders so that they can integrate them successfully with in-app procuring. The firm’s platform has real-time data for analytics and earnings too.

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For the users, the experience of this new feature need to be alike what they are using or finding on other areas. User will be permitted on this platform to get ahead with one-click procurement; easy click on the “Pay” button will get the work done. Nook Media has not clearly mentioned when in-app buying will be accessible to apps for the tablet, but suggested that customers can expect the feature “in the coming weeks and months.” The company also didn’t offer more information on giving revenues to the developers.

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