Nokia brings $99 Asha smartphone

Nokia prior to two years went through a big modification, saying goodbye to its traditional Symbian routes and shifting to MS’ Windows Phone OS. In that time where it moved towards top-notch segment, the Finnish firm also revealed a straightforward reserve OS that is named Asha, which created different types of low-ranged phones. Build to cater developing markets in needy nations, the Asha phones till time has shown a retail win. However, it was assumed that Asha would serve as emergency solution –Nokia’s mentioned aim is to trim down the price of Windows phone devices, and majorly cost-competitive phones like Lumia 520 and 610.

Asha may still be intervened by Windows Phone for some period, but still it showed a great hit with its Asha platform. The older software is changed and improved so that it commits “faster and more responsive” user experience in combination of improved development tools for app development, publishing and monetization.

Nokia Asha 501 - ©

Still that model of goals may be typical for any mobile OS, the reality Nokia is putting heavy resources into developing Asha ecosphere is speaking. The mobile maker doesn’t look like trusting its potential of shifting Windows Phone down the pricing level rapidly enough, and so it’s doing tricky jobs against expected competition by aligning Asha ranges.

The fresh UI in Asha owns many well-recognized features from the MeeGo-enabled Harmattan interface on the Nokia N9. Initial one is the capability to tap dually on the locked screen to wake the phone up, but components of the Swipe UI and the appealing style and the status of the N9 are also there.

  • Richard Boss

    I always like Nokia Mobile. Nokia makes such great phones. I like all the features of this Smartphone. I think, Nokia Asha will be the best performer and even better than those $100+ android phones. It’s a very low cost Smartphone and will fit in budget.

    So, What do you think about Nokia Asha smartphone?

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