New rumour waves signals the get in of Samsung Galaxy S IV in April 2013

Not at all is it the very first time we are hearing rumours of Samsung’s next great smartphone move. Samsung’s Galaxy S III, a flagship device is liked and favoured excessively and now its new generation is discussed highly. Current waves from market give hints about the new upcoming device from the Korean electronics giant and it is expected to be Samsung Galaxy S IV. The waves rumour that it shall get released in April 2013. As per SamMobile their sources have derived that the new product by Samsung is in their company known as “Project J”, which will be declared next year. The name is marked as Galaxy S IV and expected to own a 5 inch display, 1080p, some GB of RAM, 13MP of camera and quad-core processor.

Samsung Galaxy S IV - ©

From the same sources there is news that Europe will have an affordable Galaxy Note II than present one. But it shall accommodate lower specs than present Note II and will lack a stylus & AMOLED technology. Plus, Samsung is also marked, by sources, to bring in a competitor product to ASUS’ Transformer tablet range. It is on the way to bring here a tablet that has 13.3 inches of screen size and a convenient QWERTY pad as an attachable accessory. Further information and specs are yet to reveal about this expected tablet. When it is Galaxy S IV to hit the market in 2013, it isn’t so surprising as the news have floated in the market few times and it looks like many are waiting for the release and excited to know what Samsung will bring in this time.

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