New: Chrome users now will get Google Now, an Android notifications model

Google Now is renowned and appreciated notifications system for Android users. But now a step ahead by Google reports that this improved application for notifications will be infused in Google’s Chrome. Android users are highly facilitated by this app Google Now whereby they can acquire their desired information like birthdays, reviews on products & places, weather updates and much more. Till now this model was only in access to Android devices’ users but now the maker is widening its scope by bringing it to Chrome. The browser got this update yesterday and the process is in primary stages.

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Francois Beaufort, an analyst from Google suggested this move where he marks “Google Now integration into Chrome gives Google a new way to connect people closely to online services that Google judges to be relevant depending on time and location.” Well from a sentence like this from Google it is expected that this could be only experimental types and shall never be experienced beneficially. Statement from Google comes as “We’re always experimenting with new features in Chrome, so have nothing to announce at this time.” Thus if it turns positive & fruitful then the move can be a great one by Google. Chrome browsers have started to grow with increased OS potential. Irrespective of what OS an user is using, Google is making very obvious that it is strategically designing it to reach the services of Google including Google Apps, Google+, Gmail, Youtube etc.

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