New BlackBerry 10 update billing system: says reports

Research in Motion after severe struggle in market is coming shortly with its major platform & device in early 2013. It is BlackBerry 10 with more updated features and facilities. The device and OS will be available on 50 carriers globally and will now have integrated carrier billing, says a Canadian firm in a press release. BB10 boasts of big news like support of 50 carriers and its more than real news as RIM’s CEO Thorsten Heins have earlier marked that not less than 50 carriers were, at that time, involved in testing the BB10. Before it is officially released or launched the carriers wanted to ensure the platform is tests passed. Now the important factor is the BlackBerry Payment system, which will be updated now and have integrated form. Here the facility will enable BB users to pay for apps or special enhancements or features for games through the App World wherein they do not have to add their credit card information to BB ID.

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No longer will the users be charged on their credit card and their purchases will be billed in their monthly billing statement. So, users will be totally free from annoying pop-ups while they buy anything. The updated integrated carrier billing model is powered on Bango payment platform which is UK-based and also used on leading service providers like Facebook, Amazon and Google Play. Bango CEO marked that both company’s relationship is “going from strength to strength.” Further he also marked that his company’s payment model will facilitate more convenience and users will eventually be more reliable on this type of system.

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