Microsoft to introduce unseen keyboard & mouse, designed for Windows 8

Microsoft is all set to bring a new unseen design of ergonomic Windows 8-compatible keyboard and mouse. As the software giant is in picture, touch facility may burst out loud, but it doesn’t show that the company is withdrawing tasks on its keyboards and mouse.

Similar to previous year’s release of revamped Windows 8-tailored keyboards and mouse, Microsoft is bringing out still more Windows 8-compatible devices. The new design offers good comfort. The keyboard is given round shape and has slight parting effect in the centre with slopes running towards the corners.

Microsoft keyboard-mouse for Windows8 - ©

The “6” button lies in an unusual spot, which may bring a little distress in the users and so is the backspace tab. Users can turn out helping hand with space keys into backspace tab. Also a separate number keypad is given for people who requires to do too much of number typing. Users can put their thumb to rest at the space specially designed for it and those having Windows 8 can directly go to a key to arrive at the main Start page.

The fresh hardware stuff will arrive in August 13 and the price tag is expected to be of $129.95. Separate keyboard costs will be of $80.95 and mouse will be of $59.95.

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