Microsoft steps-up in its “one experience” vision and involves Skype

It seems like Microsoft is keen into reaching sky-high in its “one experience” motto. This is due to its recent announcement that involves Skype in its latest Windows 8.1 operating system edition released in October.
“Skype will be front-and-center on Windows 8.1 – from the very first time you turn on your PC,” states Aga Guzik, marketing chief of Skype desktop, in an official blog post.

“Now you don’t have to download your favorite app to stay in touch whenever you’re apart. With Windows 8.1, simply log in and you’re ready to go.”

As Skype is included into Windows 8.1 edition as the default interaction system it may boost the present 300 million user-bases to higher level due to access through various devices and seamless aid of voice-over-IP services.

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Skype remains only a single of over 20 new and optimized Microsoft apps and systems that the software giant is actively interested upon to release with the operating system at the end of this year.

“SkyDrive is a great example of our new approach,” unveiled Ryan Gavin, general manager of Microsoft apps and services on the Windows Experience blog.

“We believe that connecting and sharing should be a seamless part of every Windows experience.”
The same thing goes with other collaborating environments that are involved in the Windows devices like Skype, Internet Explorer, SkyDrive,, Bing, Xbox line of services and more.

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