Microsoft rolls out new Bing Video search feature for users

When Microsoft ‘s Bing experts made some modifications and completed all the tests in their Bing Video search model, this established segment remained still in means of upgrades and changes since last year. But, recently the Bing group declared that they rolled out a fresh video search feature that was built from scratch. As per its blog, here are some modifications that the team made:

Microsoft Bing

Microsoft Bing

  • Better resolution pop-up hover previews: The changed pop-up previews are enhanced and they appear big and in optimized resolution now. More, the content shown are also expanded, enabling users to locate the desired thing quickly.
  • Enhanced Filters: Search becomes easy now with improved filters. The resolution one gives more options to view in various resolutions. Also users can arrive at the relevant segment they are looking for.
  • Fine-tuned overlay and navigation: After the users have located their video they get overlay space like Bing Image search, enabling users to simplify their surfing to another video without existing the search group. Also the new overlay includes column of relevant searches so it would be speedy and simple for users to trim down their results and reach the final destination.

  • Chris Martyn

    nice.. sounds good, really improving.. thanks for posting.

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