Microsoft ponders Nook Media’s purchase worth $1 billion

It is recently reported that Microsoft is working on its next acquisition and now the turn is of Nook Media which is said to be of the software giant at $1 billion. As per the deal it will include all assets of Nook Media, its ebook and tablet tie-up with B&N.

On the fronts of the deal, noticed by TechCrunch, the company would buy its favoured assets from the digital segment, which isebooks and the Nook hardware.

The software giant’s 17.6% stake exists in B&N’s Nook subordinate post a $300 million investment in last year.

Included in the deal is that the acquiring giant will acknowledge to pay out extra $305 million over the coming five years that is for Nook content on Windows 8. Both companies is said to split earnings generated from hardware and content sales.

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Analysts claim that Microsoft has earned small from the deal till now, and suspected the two firms could generate a Nook tablet powered with Windows system. Presently the slates are powered by Android and have recently started to place Google’s App store – Google Play. But, as per the papers, Nook Media is working to cut-off its line of Android tablets completely by the fall of 2014, parting out hardware in respect of validating content to third parties. These outside authorities can be said Microsoft and its manufacturing partners, or rivals too.

In fact, Nook will not apparently position ebook readers, but the firm anticipates sales to drop as people obviously favour tablets. B&N has traded 10 million Nook devices till date, but stated in reports that its segment “fell short of expectations” whilst its very recent quarterly income.

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