Microsoft clashes with Google by extending ad-free Bing for the students

Microsoft lately made a fresh move in opposition to the leading search provider by bringing out a no-ad model exclusive for educational users of Bing, the software giant’s search engine that has from long time has chased Google.

The long on-going war between both the giants is becoming a school-like quarrel. By availing the free model named “Bing for Schools,” students in active school districts will enjoy their activities without getting disturbed with ads or inappropriate content that usually occurs while performing Internet searches.

Also included in this program is the free Surface tablets and knowledge notes that Microsoft will offer for aiding Internet usability teaching to certain students.

Microsoft Vs Google

Microsoft Vs Google

Stefan Weitz, Microsoft’s director of search, suggested that this model is aimed to support youth to Microsoft products.

“We hope that we demonstrate the quality of Bing to teachers and students and also their parents, and once they see how good it is, we hope to see increased usage outside of schools too,” Weitz said.

The new Bing promotional plans are in connection of privacy matters, is a portion of comprehensive, anti-Google advertising model directed by group of political consultants like Mark Penn, Hillary & Bill Clinton and others.

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