iPhone 5 owners give blended conclusion from iOS Wi-Fi bug fix

Apple ramps up a new fix for its iOS 6.0.2 platform that affects bug for Wi-Fi. Today the update was released and it targets an un-disclosed Wi-Fi bug residing in newest Apple products – iPad mini & iPhone 5. Users revealed reports for this bug fix and said that the fix did its job, but not all, the Wi-Fi troubles that had been triggered. As a mini description comes along with the update on device screen the update, iOS 6.0.2, “Fixes a bug that could impact Wi-Fi.” On Apple’s website there is no other detailed information for this update. This fix exclusively aims for iPad mini & iPhone 5 users. Owners of these devices earlier reported for issues experienced in over-the-air (OTA) update, where modifications are downloaded and installed without any connections of the device with the desktop or iTunes.

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Suspicions are laid on Apple’s update server that is expected to be in some trouble, says an unidentified source that got “HP550c” in a message on Apple’s iPhone support forum in little time after iOS 6.0.2 was turned on. Some owners report that there are many who receives a message of “Unable to check for Update” at the time of going to the Software update. Earlier phase of this update showed mixed results & conclusions. Later on iPhone 5 and iPad mini owners swiftly did the update job without getting any hangs and delays. iPhone 5 and iPad Mini owners can retrieve 6.0.2 over the air by tapping the “Settings” icon, then the “General” tab, and finally get done the “Software Update.”

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