Inkling updates for visibility on Amazon

Inkling emerged before three years as a foundation aimed to convert mammoth textbooks into an interactive experience for the iPad and various tablet products. It recently rolled out a fresh publishing and search facility that is envisioned for non-fiction content like books on cookery or informative or useful subjects like women health.


Inkling would be favoured highly for distribution of useful content easy & reachable for searchers as it will be providing more visibility to the content and so it would be easy for users to get it immediately via Google. The results for this are that some desired topics or chapters of the book or even a single page can be easily acquired while searching on specific topic.

“The problem is people don’t start to search on Amazon,” said Matt MacInnis, founder and CEO of Inkling. “They start on Google and end up on Amazon.” Further, the firm also revealed a unseen open publishing platform that enables varied people placed at multiple zones to work collaborative without worrying of location distance. Anybody can use the platform named “Habitat” to build material. Inkling would drop 30% in its sales or the publisher needs to license the space. Among those who are using Inkling’s Habitat are Pearson, Wolters-Kluwer, McGraw-Hill and HarperCollins.

“They are about two or three years ahead for creating next generation interactive learning product,: marked Jerome Grant.

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