Great news for game-savvy as Sony’s hidden PlayStation reveal date is fixed

The PlayStation game maker Sony has sent out invitations for hacks and analysts to arrive next month to a New York event aimed on the PlayStation. Can this mystery open up into a highly longed PlayStation 4 roll-out, game-savvy & fans are wondering. Obviously, Sony isn’t citing, fixing only that the console maker will be planning out its PlayStation jobs. Still the announcement gave the gamers and Sony fans a shiver. Earlier when the electronics company organized such event, in January 2011, it declared the PlayStation Vita compact handheld gaming machine.


The PlayStation 3 arrived in May 2005 but was on stores shelves for sale in 2006, which is almost a year after Microsoft rolled out its Xbox 360. In Europe & Australia, the gamers had to wait till 2007 to try out the new Sony game console. Now after the sales of over 70 million PS3s, Sony is again bringing something new at its event on 20 February. High rumours had been spread in the market in past some years that what next Sony would roll out after PS3 in its game console line-up. Doubts and speculations fly between a box that is codenamed as ‘Orbis’ which allows you to only enjoy the downloaded games – assuming that users can bring down great & higher numbers of core graphics along with sound brilliance in stages or levels while play – to a gaming gadget that is powerful enough to display games at Ultra HD 4Kx2K resolution in stereoscopic 3D.

Xbox’s line-up is also expected to get a new system in June’s E3 show.

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