Google’s new highly priced Android-based Vertu phone is $10,000

Vertu departed from Nokia last year & recently teamed up with Google to develop Android-running luxury handset which is called Vertu TI. This is highly expensive device in market with most competitive edition that is priced at $10,000. Earlier Vertu phones were running in team work with Nokia’s old-fashioned Symbian software and the company revealed that it was keen to update the software. Nokia currently ventures on Microsoft’s platform but Vertu’s public relations head Jon Stanley marked that Android was advised to Windows Phone, considering that it gives a richer mobile ecosystem and broader chances for customization. Nokia, after selling owns a 10% holding in Vertu, but the earlier owner revealed that it has no role in any making processes or business activities.


Vertu is a leading player in the luxury device market. Its products are retailed for up to $300,000 as it is completed with fine calf leather, gold or diamonds, alligator skin and are filtered-after status symbols among the rich & highly famed people in Russia, China and the Persian Gulf. This luxury Vertu TI is based by titanium for case, polished black ceramic that is combined with black leather. Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich powers this latest form and comes with a series of Google apps preinstalled, including Google’s renowned location offerings. At this sort of mammoth price range, Vertu runs with very low volumes. In last 10 years, the mobile maker has sold 300,000 units only.

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