Google removes facial identification apps from Glass

Google recently unveiled that it would cut-off facial identification apps from Glass up till it requires some privacy security in certain place.

“As Google has said for several years, we won’t add facial recognition features to our products without having strong privacy protections in place,” Google’s Project Glass team revealed. “With that in mind, we won’t be approving any facial recognition Glassware at this time.”

Congress lately called with a written concern asking Google’s CEO Larry Page of how it would act on its Street View Wi-Fi collection do oversight and avoid accidently acquiring information about people without their approval. This letter questions if the networked specs allows facial recognition and has potential to cross-check pictures with other supply places, and if so, even if the people has no Glass will have the choice to remain out of that crowd. The web giant has showed its no facial identification standpoint in the developer terms for programmers tasking on apps for Glass.

Google Glass - ©

Google Glass

It utters: “Don’t use the camera or microphone to crossreference and immediately present personal information identifying anyone other than the user, including use cases such as facial recognition and voice print. Applications that do this will not be approved at this time.”

Next term is aimed to confirm that the gadget reflects when the camera is on and now shows that Google will eliminate apps that turns off the display while camera is working.

  • amfastech

    Google glass is certainly a futuristic gadget…most of its features need strong privacy protections..! Hope the tech world blends accordingly with it..

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