Google Maps cannot go away from iOS

Apple planned its own map apps for iOS 6 when it wanted to stringently get out of Google maps domination. Google now comes in with a fresh edition of maps app for iPhone that cannot be eliminated from iPhone. Familiar sources suggested that the search giant is now reforming and testing its map apps with external platform rather than Google’s own. This app will soon be ready to deliver to Apple so that it can give green signal further. From the very first emergence of iOS it used maps from Google till the month of September 2012 when iOS introduced its own innovation. This separation from Google was a step by Apple as the fierce competition increases between them with smartphone devices which have Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

The step but proved to be a disaster instead of competing and iPhone 5 users annoyed with Apple’s map apps. Google definitely gives better apps and it is hard to defeat its map apps are now believed by majority of users. Apple had to demand an apology due to its mistake and now it’s turned fully towards fixing the gaps. Now it is Apple turn to approve the Google’s creation for iOS and the iPhone maker is now a bit liberal in it. Users are free to use Google’s Gmail app, varied browsers, cloud sync options and other apps for their personal comfort and interest.

Google Maps

Apple realized its mistake and now recommends its smartphone & iPad owners to go for an alternative app for maps. Also iTunes has a reserved place where users can facilitate varied mapping and navigational apps. Here different creators including Microsoft offer their apps where there are free and payable apps. Now it is a critical situation & a point where Google’s maps cannot be denied from iOS by Apple otherwise people would look at Apple as pathetic.

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