Google has no idea on bringing its retail shops

The chief of Google’s Android segment recently poured water on the burning rumours that his firm is planning to initiate with the retail business and will straight away sell its made hardware to consumers.

Andy Rubin revealed in his talks during this week’s Barcelona-located Mobile World Congress that he believes there is no requirement for Google to build its retail stores, as per All Things D. Rubin added that audience no more are pushed to walk into a store and analyse the products to move ahead with their buying, because majority of them interact to their friends or contacts and read reviews online.

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Also as believed by Rubin, Google’s hardware segment is pretty seasoned at this time to warrant sincere retail shops. The giant furnishes range of Nexus-named smartphones and tablets, along with its own Chromebook laptops.

Further he announces at MWC in Barcelona, Spain, that his firm has no ideas to declare, and even mentioned in clear words that Google has “no plans” to open its own stores.

Earlier before this week, reports showed off with rumours stating that Google is having plans to create its own retail shops to sell Google-branded devices including the Nexus 7 tablet and Nexus 4 smartphone. But, now the report lastly says that the search giant has no plans to own retail outlets until 2014, which would enable it to focus & give more hardware devices.

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