Google gets way out from antitrust charge as US regulators subside

Google was stuck up in an antitrust case for manipulation of search results but latest reports state that it gets out on Thursday. It resulted as a leading US regulator judged that the search giant is not active in doing illegal manipulation in its search results that will put strong effect to competing rivals. FTC’s chairperson marked that Google owned place as “one of America’s great companies” and all the blames by competitors like Microsoft were due to “hand-to-hand combat”, instead of a justified representation of its activities. He says “We followed the facts where they lead,” by adding more “Although some evidence suggested Google was trying to eliminate competition, Google’s primary reason for changing its look and feel or (search) algorithm was to improve search results.”

The FTC head revealed that the giant’s practices for which it was blamed were also the part of those following unfair approach. Also FTC believed that its ruling would final lead to criticism. “Many of Google’s competitors wanted the commission to go further and regulate the intricacies of Google’s search engine algorithm,” marked the FTC head. Even though the after the verdict, the giant has on its own agreed to see at both in what manner it “scrapes” content generated for other websites and also at its utilization of patents.

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As a reply to FTC, Google suggested: “The conclusion is clear: Google’s services are good for users and good for competition.”We’ve always accepted that with success comes regulatory scrutiny. But we’re pleased that the FTC and the other authorities that have looked at Google’s business practices have concluded that we should be free to combine direct answers with web results.”

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