Google buys WIMM for its upcoming Smart Watch making project

The web giant Google is keen on developing its smart watch and so it purchased WIMM Labs for bringing solid competition in the wearable smart devices’ market.

The search leader didn’t disclose any information on the deal, accomplished in 2012. WIMM Labs established in Los Altos, California, had released a wearable-computing design in 2011 that involved a full-fledged touch screen, web browsing facility and capable sensors for reaching the owner’s moves, the company cited.


Google owns the world’s leading search engine and now it is moving towards grabbing the smart wear market. The through deal will contribute in giant’s upcoming model which is in competition to wearable devices of other great leaders including Apple and Samsung. Galaxy Gear from Samsung with amazing smartphone features will soon appear in the market.

Google has made no open declaration for its smart watch project. The purchased company is talked of having got financial boost from Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., the chief company of Foxconn Technology Group. The management team consisted of prior officials from leading companies like Apple and Intel Corp.

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