Google brings mapping facility to drive your New Year’s resolutions

Google gets users to facilitate their goals in a new style crafted in an engaging map app, irrespective of what user has resolutions like, it may be to avoid bad habits, travel more or earn more profits etc. In the new year of 2013, Google targets to fasten user’s motivation & enhance it for putting out their new resolutions and then also use them to help others to gain their objectives. Doesn’t matter if it is to drop some extra pounds, earn more money, and study something new, travel new places and lots more. Users can view through the map what people strive & put efforts at on new mapping resolution app. The resolution map by Google is interactive & quite interesting for users.

Google Maps

Google Maps

“Research shows that you’re more likely to achieve your resolutions if you write them down and have support,” says Google’s Associate Product Marketing Manager Liz Wessel in a blog post. “Try sharing your goals with communities around you.” This seems true and definitely can shoot up the motivation. More, the map comes with zoom facility & has colourful dots which pop out while navigating through countries, states and globe. These dots response with a map key that parts into resolutions like career, love, health, education, family etc. Those experiencing the map can select his/her preferred language for all of the posts that he wishes to translate.

Few resolutions derived are, “Play guitar just a couple minutes everyday” in the U.S., “Quit smoking” in Russia, “Work less, earn more” in South Africa, “Living with my boyfriend” and “Eat less sweets” in Brazil. Users are free to add their own set resolutions and can do this by – select map, get into the associated category/segment, put in a postal code & country name and then make resolution. The map will show your resolutions within 24 to 48 hours on map.

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