Foxconn acquires orders for manufacturing smartphones for Microsoft and Amazon says reports

As per DigiTimes, a Taiwanese agency reported that Foxconn, the leading contract-based maker has acquired orders for making some number of smartphones for Microsoft and Amazon. It is said that these phones would touch shelves in mid phase of next year (2013). Assumptions and thoughts are very much likely to go with the idea that Microsoft may bring its own brand of smartphones and we have been hearing this repeatedly since the software giant launched Windows 8 and Surface tablet. The report further mentioned Foxconn International Holdings and its parent organization, Foxconn Electronics, refused this. Plus Microsoft and Amazon were unresponsive for comments on this report.

The news body further marked without clarifying the sources that “Microsoft and Amazon’s own-brand handsets will only have a limited shipment volume initially and may become a new business model for the manufacturers in the future.”

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Foxconn by its nature of work commences as a contract manufacturer of electronic items and one of its ranges also includes Apple’s leading smartphone iPhone and other devices from Huawei, Sony, Nokia and ZTE. Assumptions of news company’s sister concern body – DigiTimes news site also uttered that Microsoft if makes its own smartphone brand can result into disappointing relationships with its present OEM partners i.e. those companies that make products powered with Windows 8. Recently none of the company confirms the order given to Foxconn and the chief revealed that their OEM partners will continue with a major share in running Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 including desktops, laptops, smartphones & tablets.

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