For the better, Facebook boosts and rolls out Graph Search facility for all U.S users

Facebook will shortly begin to bring out its improved feature Graph Search to all users of United States. The boost will enable users to perform more advanced searches and in turn get informed results. All those who have “US English” setting will be facilitated with this new facility in few weeks. And when it will be well-tested in terms of usability and reviews from users, the social giant says it will nod on bringing it to the higher volume.

“Over the past few months, tens of millions of people have helped improve the product just by using it and giving feedback,” Facebook reveals in blog post.

Facebook graph search - ©

The boosts are done in many areas ranging from speed to detailed results’ accuracy. The feature would be useful for searching for places, images, people and other things that is liked by your connected list. Also it allows posting your status or any other desired text which is searchable. The tool is enhanced to make more relevant and accurate searches. Mobile version is still under works.

“Graph Search isn’t Web search. We aren’t duplicating what Bing does and what Google does, but rather we are making things easier for people to find on Facebook,” uttered Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg in reply to what the search tool was about at the All Things D conference.

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