Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg scores top rating than Apple’s CEO & earns Best CEO Of 2013

Facebook’s staff earned him quite a good score by favouring him with 99% rating for his role as CEO. Whereas Apple’s CEO Tim Cook also dropped to 18th position, as per a new survey undertaken by leading career site Glassdoor. Last year Zuckerberg earned rating of 85% which rose this year while Cook faced reverse position due to its previous year’s 97% fell down to 93%, revealed the survey taking site in its report of Top 50 CEOs of 2013. “CEO approval ratings are calculated similar to Presidential approval ratings; employees are asked: “Do you approve or disapprove of the way your CEO is leading the company?” Glassdoor said.

In this survey a minimum quantity of 100 employees were required to give approval ratings for the favoured CEOs. Many tech giants won top places like SAP’s co-CEOs, Bill McDermott and Jim Hagemann, who acquired second place with 99% of approval rating. EMC’s Joe Tucci was at 7th place, Google’s Larry Page at 11th, Qualcomm’s Paul Jacobs earned 8th and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Salesforce CEO March Benioff and Intel’s Paul Otellini was in Top 25.


The remaining half was filled with Michael Dell on 49th, Oracle’s Larry Ellison at 46th and the popular giants’ like Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer and HP’s Meg Whitman were not visible in Top 50 list.

Present & former staff defined Facebook as an “intense and fun,” “awesome,” “fantastic” and “amazing” place to work.
Amid the cons it came as: “The free and tasty food, especially deserts, really didn’t help me stay keep very fit.”

“Hard core environment,” wrote one present software engineer. “If you don’t deal well with extra responsibility and require strong leadership instead of autonomy, you probably won’t have the best time.” In his or her advice to senior management, the engineer added, “Keep the hacker culture, beware process and corporate behavior. Always do the right thing for the world.”
On the Apple’s fronts, many of the reports looked to have arrived retail staff, who acknowledged the training they got but beats the company for not permitting employees with an option to rise up via ranks and move with a job at corporate places.

“Listen to your employees,” wrote on current worker. “When they reach out to tell you that they’re getting burned out or need a change, even a temporary one, do something about it before it’s too late. Also, when you tell an employee that you’re going to do something to help, then do it. Focus more on employee development.”

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