Facebook connects with Olive Garden, Jamba Juice & others to provide gift cards

Facebook plans to set out offering gift cards for shoppers who can buy through the leading social network. Friends or people close to you in Facebook contact can be gifted as per your choice via the new Gifts platform that will be soon brought in as a visible section of “Digital Gifts and Cards”. The social giant would turn on the mechanism where shoppers will be given real, reusable card which can be carried along & benefitted by buying from Facebook partners. Balances can be easily managed & checked online via their account settings page available on their account. Shoppers can check their spending either on their PCs or mobile devices.


Facebook stated in a blog post that the Gift cards’ plan would be rolled with Target, the Olive Garden, Jamba Juice and Sephora as the launch partners. The social leader refused to give comments on more deep information regarding the financial terms with its partners. It has been busy convincing the partners to team up with the social network as it explains them that Facebook’s growth is expanding. Retail sector is the new aim for Facebook.

Well the social media surpassed what analyst predicted about its current earnings report, but spenders still de-escalated the stocks on worries that it had no fool-proof strategies that could make great long-term earnings. Facebook disclosed $1.59 billion in earnings which is 40% more than of same period in the preceding year.

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