Facebook and Microsoft on the way of a deal strike for advertising technology

Facebook, says reports, is under plans to join hands with Microsoft Corp for acquiring an advertising technology that would dramatically boost its advertising power and easy the reach to third party websites. Adding to the report media agency reveals that the social giant is actively involved in negotiations with the software leader where it wants to gain Atlas Solutions, an advertising technology bought by Microsoft when it bought aQuantive for $6 billion back in 2007. Facebook’s advertising capabilities will be accelerated with full bloom by Atlas Solutions and then it could reach its hands to third party websites. This acquisition will place the system in competition to Google’s DoubleClick ad network, reveals the reports. For the question of price of this deal there is no clarity yet but as per Business Insider the top most bid for Atlas Solutions when the software giant wanted to sell it off amounted to $30 million.

Facebook and Microsoft - © shuttervoice.com

No comments on such news are received by either of the company. Facebook is aggressive in turning this move fast so that it’s advertising business can be stronger. Advertisement on mobile devices is the step ahead by the company along with getting some new features that can extend the effectiveness of its ads to marketers. Major part of Facebook’s earnings, which accounts to 86% converting into $1.3 billion in Q3 is a result from ads in its website. From years Microsoft is into selling its Atlas ad-serving system and before 5 months the company pen out the whole value of the $6.3 billion aQuantive acquisition, which includes Atlas.

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