Earlier mobile chip experts of Apple & Qualcomm now will work for AMD

AMD, the processor maker has been discussed recently by reports, that it will employ two mobile processor specialists, those working earlier for Apple & Qualcomm. This move by AMD is to expand its base in low-power chip design as it puts efforts to raise a step above from desktop, PCs & notebook markets. These specialists include Wayne Mertsky, earlier working for Apple’s A-series chip segment, and Charles Matar, ex-specialists of Qualcomm’s embedded chip division. Both have joined AMD’s staff, the company revealed to a news agency, but confirm news of what are their works as new employees of AMD is presently under cover.


As observed & spoken by insiders the new persons, Meretsky will be responsible in AMD’s software development segment, whereby customization of codes for resulting into more efficient work with company’s silicon will be the main aim. This is not a fresh segment for AMD as earlier during the release of Trinity chip series for notebooks, ultraportables and tablets, the firm highlighted the united work it had done for software making, handling their coding to generate maximized output. In case of Matar, he will mostly be responsible as VP of System-on-Chip Development, a clear signal towards AMD’s vision for mobile sector.

Other players like Apple, Samsung, Qualcomm and similar ones say that clearly what quantity of work AMD requires to do if it wishes to be as competitive like them, is blurry. In CES event, firm announced many new APUs – Kabini, Kaveri, Richland and Temash but still it’s time to get its further goals for SoCs.

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