Blackberry 10 smartphone expected to hit the market on 28th February at $799

Leaked reports have recently marked that Research In Motion’s major innovation – BlackBerry 10 smartphones would hit the market on February 28th. Company, as promised earlier would release this phone on January 30th has just made few amendments in its releasing date and made it 28 February, as of now. Perfect timings were noted on that day when the company COO hinted public that BB10 handsets would go on sale within 30 days of the event. Current news give a launch date, which is expected based on an image floating exceedingly on web. So it seems that this image is a screenshot captured from Best Buy Canada’s stock control system, where a BlackBerry 10 handset is all set for the Bell network where the launch date is displayed as February 28.

Whether a coincidence or not, this date is exactly after 29 days post the debut date when smartphone was displayed in the event. More, the image also offers further concerning information which is the price factor of this handset. The retail price is seen here is very high as $799 but the model & other detailed information is yet covered. It would be rather a surprise that QWERTY N enabled edition handset is so extremely priced and can be expected for touchscreen Z10. Then too, assuming SIM-free rate of $800 puts it just a little back of an unlocked 64GB iPhone 5 of Apple and somewhat $250 high than average cost of a 16 GB of Samsung Galaxy S3. Obviously, there’s no certain information to say about the price, release time as the picture floating would rather be pushing RIM to offer correct official information about the handset.

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