BlackBerry 10 releases tomorrow: Can RIM revive its earlier fame?

RIM is struggling hard since few times but bets on a major development that is to launch tomorrow – BlackBerry 10. Commitments from the maker are impressive & suggest that the smartphone would be fabulous with more speed, improved typing experience and new facility that will separate personal and business segments on the same device. CEO will display the initial device in New York on Wednesday. Once-dominating BlackBerry is today left behind Apple & Google’s smartphones but now BB 10 will revive its renowned glory or not, is a big question. Analysts & observers expect some place to get the lost position and so the stocks have bloomed & reached $147.

Former days of BB boast of severe addiction amongst users & especially business & corporate people who didn’t ever wish to part off. After iPhone’s emergence that showcased far more capabilities than just email or communication with multi-media, music, games and so on, people starting craving for iPhones. Android also jumped in with vast choices. Now RIM promises a new outcome that is advanced, improved and new but still the entire feature-list and prices will be revealed tomorrow.

“Historically there have been areas that have not been our strongest points,” Rick Costanzo, RIM’s executive vice president of global sales, said in an interview. “Not only have we caught up, but we may even be better than some of the competition now.”
Costanzo said “no one else can touch” what RIM’s new system offers. Thus BB 10 seems to offers great things & experiences that are better than iPhone or Android devices. Soon we will get to know what the results are.

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