BlackBerry 10 handset is on the boundary line

Research in Motion emerged in limelight due to its BlackBerry smartphone earlier and then with Apple and Android in picture the situations reversed. Now again RIM is expected to gain better market share with its long awaited BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Efforts are going on strong to bring BlackBerry 10 on shelves and also the app store is assumed to get renamed. Reports say that Blackberry is updating its developers’ program and welcomes developers to get involved to grab revenues surely. It will give green signal to the most dedicated ones to sign up for the new Dev Alpha C handset. The news came in light at RIM’s Jam event that took place in Asia and here the company promises that devs who had submitted 2 or more apps will be sorted with ranking system and 1500 that gets placed in priority zone on Dev Alpha C unit.

BlackBerry 10 - ©

This new Alpha C will be the debut Dev handset to accommodate the most appreciated BlackBerry’s QWERTY keyboard. This may give us the concept of how this new smartphone will look and the same is expected to hit in early February 2013. RIM has offered approx. 7500 units to developers in thoughts to boost their development and raise apps development for BB 10. The company is highly in need for this breakthrough moment. Along with the handset the app area will also gain an uplift to be more in line like what we experience with Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play. The new name for RIM’s app world is BlackBerry World.

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