BlackBerry 10 brings its BB 10 with 15,000 apps in just two days

Research In Motion’s next major step – BB 10 has been loaded with thousands of new programs, credit goes to two of its event that went over the weekend. Company’s aggressive move was to allot BlackBerry and Android developers to port their earlier written applications to its new BB 10 platform. Weekend events witnessed 15,000 app submissions for BB 10 and this got accomplished in a mere time frame of 37.5 hours, says Alec Saunders, vice president of developer relations. These RIM events were called Portathons where one aimed towards the BB 10 community and next one on Android developers. Both these communities were tempted to port their earlier apps to BlackBerry 10.

Such type of events were also triggered by the company whereby the target is to set developers working with other mobile OS platform (like Android) to drive their programs to its next operating system. RIM wishes more & more developers to get involved and thus it offers $100 per approved app as compensation. Those who prove with numerous apps approval will win the cash prize and also the next BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device. RIM has made it transparent & loud that BB 10 is its major bet. The OS has been undergoing works for several years now and will be coming soon at the end of the month. But still on apps fronts, RIM has long path to walk so as to be in parallel to Apple & Android.

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