BlackBerry 10: Big day for RIM, the maker

By bringing BlackBerry 10, all say that it is the chance to re-enter the market that once it leaded. A big day for the Canadian company who will officially launch BlackBerry 10 which would be a great comeback in front of its major dominators today – iPhone & Android. The company will launch its new BlackBerry 10 OS and two new handsets. In this new move the text will speed up and be highly accurate than earlier versions along with new user-interface, big icons and new fabulous apps for socializing.
“The importance of this launch cannot be overstated,” utters Ramon Llamas, IDC’s analyst. “There’s going to be a lot of work that needs to be done to earn back respect.”

The maker publicize that the system as a major difference in smartphone world.

“This is an entirely new operating system,” reveals a spokesperson Nick Manning. “We think it’s the first entirely new mobile operating system in about five years.”

RIM utters that the new system would allow users to twist apps effortlessly and without having to visit the home screen every time. This ability will steer up efficiencies & multitasking while fills the earlier gaps. Also key move in the next form would be an ability to have dual areas for professional & personal stuff in a single device. Some think the system cannot cede Apple or Android devices but do have strong potential as a comeback.

Analysts like Sterne, Agee & Leach marks that RIM’s focused areas are that of high-end clients who have already diverted to other products & systems. Wu said, “We see the company getting a degree of traction in this higher end market, but doubt there is a return to its former glory.”

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