Apple’s128GB iPad: An indirect echo to Microsoft’s Surface Pro

Apple today announced a revamped iPad with giant storage space to its latest fourth-generation model, a roll-out that seems to be an answer to the Microsoft’s Surface Pro. Post software giant’s revealing the price and access of Surface Pro tablet, Apple came out with 128GB iPad. The iPhone maker’s big storage model will start shipping only after few days on February 5th, four days ahead when market will get Surface Pro. IDC research direct Tom Mainelli revealed “That was a pretty savvy move by Apple.” Further comes “If you were to ask Apple, they’d say they dont make product announcements related to what anyone else is doing. But if you line it up, it does make for a compelling story versus the Surface Pro.”


Microsoft’s Surface Pro priced at $899 for the 64GB model & $999 for the 128 GB model, these models could be successful in enterprise market. And Mainelli thinks 2013 would be a major year for tablets in business. “In 2013 we’ll see a lot of those companies that were on the sidelines waiting to see what would happen with Windows 8 making the jump to iPad, and the higher capacity could certainly be appealing to more corporate buyers,” Mainelli said. Apple’s iPad 128 GB is priced at $799 and $929 for WiFi+Cellular model.

Many believe that future business needs may in large part go with Windows. This is because there are great numbers of Windows-obsessed and those seeking for relevant apps and features that they trust Microsoft software for and wish them on tablet. On the other side the high-storage iPad may tempt some MacBook Air likers to go with light weight tablet.

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