Apple reported to knock out apps that use cookie tracking

The iPhone maker is said to be managing advertisement mechanisms that help promoters to reach user information from its mobile products. As reports say recently from TechCrunch who got from hidden industry sources that Apple’s App Review people is knocking out all those apps that uses “cookie tracking.” This sign that the giant is serious of pushing its own Advertising Identifier system.


Basically the working of cookie tracking on mobile devices is not different from PC: a cookie stores data on users’ browsing history that the app or website can access then after. As said by the report giving firm, it emerged as an option to unique device identifier tracking, which took up excess user data than what majority of people were favouring with.

No doubt cookie tracking proved to overcome most security concerns, Apple still wishes to launch its trusted Advertising Identifier technologies with iOS6. As per the giant’s “About” page on the technology, it is a “non-permanent, non-personal device identifier, that advertising networks will use to give you more control over advertisers’ ability to use tracking methods.”

More Apple also brought “Limit Ad Tracking” mechanism, which is placed in iOS6 general settings list, enabling users to block advertisers from bothering them with ads. Now as Apple is refusing apps with cookie tracking, iOS app developers will be forced to reform their solutions which will be suitable with Apple’s own technology.

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