Apple IDs now gives dual-step verification choice

Apple has just declared that it will now give two-step verification for its customers, as an extra security standard. After the user has turned it on, the system passes on a four digit passcode through text message to the user’s given phone number. The secret & exclusive code is required to be entered on top of a standard Apple ID password. It pushes in at the time you log in to any of the Apple’s service, like downloading from the App Store, or in case you don’t remember your password.

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During previous year the giant initiated requiring the use of security questions. As per CNET, “once two-step verification is enabled, there are no longer security questions to remember.” Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a standard security step used in net-banking and online stores. On theoretical terms, it should be applicable in stopping an account from being damaged or disturbed, till the attacker owns reach to the mobile gadget as well.

Sadly, the choice is presently only offered to users in US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. While some looking to get plans of Apple for rest of the world’s location for this system, the giant revealed that it had no announcements at this time.

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