Android’s Dropbox Edition 2.3 gets modified with UI advancements

Dropbox of Android is an all-time accessible customer cloud storage solutions giver brings upgraded edition. The giant has modified this application with many add-ons, twisted areas and capabilities better than earlier. The modern version of Dropbox enables Android users to share photos, perfectly get them organized and store them into their albums or galleries. Users can also remove all unnecessary various photos in one time with new added capabilities. Reports say that the developers have notified in this modernization that they have been facilitated with great opportunities of UI improvements and optimization. This adds on benefits with many bug fixes and minor twists along with an upgrade of 3 GB of free storage for more uploading images & pictures.

Dropbox users are now benefited with more uploading facilities with automated functions available in 500 increments. The 2.3 edition is compatible with varied versions powered with Android 2.1 and the above ones. If you wish to get this modern version, get it from Google Play Store. Many times this app is revised with modifications and yet there is many more in demand. Users now need not depend on mailing facility and bore themselves for long time of uploading instead use Dropbox for free & simple sharing of pictures, albums, documents and videos too. Therefore download it now from your Play Store.

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