Amazon about to spend millions for Kindle Fire app store

Largest bookseller & retailer – Amazon is expecting to boost developers’ interest to develop Kindle Fire games and unseen apps for its App store with a commitment of free coins. Free money would be rendered as Amazon coins, a new sort of payment system that Amazon will bring in the US during May 2013. A UK edition may follow after some while. Amazon is feeling good that it will be releasing absolute winning system for its product, its clients and the developer community. For celebrating this new release the retailer will bring tens of millions of ‘coins’ into the system and its customers’ virtual accounts. These coins can be utilized for shopping games, apps or do in-app buying on the Kindle Fire.


“Developers continue to report higher conversion rates on Amazon compared to other platforms. Now we have another new way to help developers reach even more of our millions of customers… and we’re giving customers tens of millions of dollars in Amazon Coins to get started,” revealed Paul Ryder, VP of Apps and Games for Amazon.

“Developers who aren’t yet in the Amazon Appstore will want to make sure their apps have been submitted and approved by April 25 so they’re ready for customers to start spending their Amazon Coins.”

Coins would go in Amazon’s current payment sections, and the online seller cited that developers who use the advanced Mobile App SDK need not have to do any extra work to their software.

Amazon’s move is to build a comfortable space for apps, and in preceding month it released an in-app buying feature for PC, Mac and web-enabled games.

The giant company is very keen to boost up the sales of its Kindle Fire tablet in the US, with price reduction constant until 8 February.

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